10 Back to School Season Statistics Retailers Can’t Ignore

Back to school season is in full swing! If you’re a retailer this is a great time to sell products geared to back to school shoppers.

We put together a list of important back to school season statistics that retailers can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore:

  1. Back to school and back to college season spending is estimated to reach $83.6 billion in 2017. [1]
  2. $668 is the average spend per household for back to school shoppers. [1]
  3. $970 is the average spend per household for back to college shoppers. [1]
  4. August accounts for 40% of back to school shopping. [2]
  5. 1% plan to shop for back to school related items in department stores. [3]
  6. 37% use their mobile phone to look for coupons in-store. [2]
  7. 37% more money is spent when dads oversee back to school shopping. [2]
  8. 7 out of 10 shoppers plan to purchase a new backpack rather than reusing one they already own. [1]
  9. 41% use their mobile phones to price compare in-store [2]
  10. 10. 44% say their top back to school splurge item will be shoes. [1]

Back to school season is a critical time for retailers to grow revenue, especially this year. Shoppers will be eager to purchase items off their back-to-school list.

One last note! Making sure your store is properly merchandised will also help grow sales during the back to school season traffic.


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