3 Ways Retailers Can Capitalize on Small Business Saturday

Launched on Saturday, November 27th in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop and support their favorite local retail stores. For small business retailers, there is a huge opportunity to capitalize on the increased foot traffic that will enter your store(s). Here are three ways you can capitalize on Small Business Saturday traffic and increase revenue:

1.) Offer Exclusive In-Store Discounts

As obvious as this might be, offering a Small Business Saturday specific promotion in-store will help incentivize customers to visit your store. After you decide on an in-store promotion, don’t forget to promote it! Use your social media sites to help get the word out online, and network with other local businesses to put flyers up that showcase your promotions.

2.) Take Advantage of Shelving Space

This might be one of the most hidden secrets when it comes to profiting on in-store traffic. Planogram your store effectively so that every inch of your shelves are being taken advantage of. If all of your sales team are busy helping customers, having a properly merchandised store will help certain products sell themselves.

3.) Donate A Portion of Your Earnings

A unique approach to profiting on Small Business Saturday traffic is to find a local charity within your community that you could donate a portion of your profits. Showing your customers that you give back a portion of your earnings can open the door to them spending more at your store and that you’re a business that gives back to the community.

Bringing It All Together

While these three things can help drive more revenue to your retail store on Small Business Saturday, they certainly aren’t the only things you can do! At Market Technologies Inc, we specialize in helping retailers with their in-store marketing efforts. From process to technology, contact us online through our contact form or call 1-231-237-4141 and see how we can help your retail business be more successful.