4 Red-Hot Retail Tips to Boost Sales This Summer

Summer means warm weather and destination vacations. For retailers, this is an excellent opportunity to boost sales. We put together four summer retail tips you can implement this season.

Host a Summer Sidewalk Sale

Sidewalk sales are a fantastic way to move products outside and reach potential customers walking by. You can collaborate with other local stores to make it an even bigger event!

Don’t forget, proper merchandising etiquette still matters when products go outside, too.

Capitalize on Tourists

Last year, 195.9 million people had summer travel plans according to American Express.  Is your city considered a tourist destination hot spot? Partner with your local chamber of commerce and have them feature a print advertisement for your store.

Sponsor a Local Summer Event

Summer gets people outside and attending area events. Consider sponsoring a large local summer event within your city that attracts big crowds.

Run Special Summer Sale Promotions

Summer provides a variety of fun and creative promotions you can run!

One idea is a price cut promotion:

Have your customers fill out a piece of paper with their favorite summer activity. Next, have them fill out some basic contact information on the same piece of paper. Have them place the paper in a large fishbowl. Draw a customer’s name and as the winner, the customer is awarded a 10% off coupon to be used for their next shopping trip.

There are many other types of promotions you can do here! You can incorporate gift cards or product giveaways.

Sizzling Your Sales This Summer

Summer can provide an opportunity for you to increase customer traffic to your store. From sponsoring local events to hosting a sidewalk sale…and everything in between!

What other types of promotions do you do during the summer months? Comment below and let us know!

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