Ignite Your In-Store Marketing Efforts in 2018

With a new year often comes new goals and strategies especially for brick-and-mortar retailers. In-store marketing plays a vital role in not only retail sales success, but also engaging with your foot traffic customers. These four in-store marketing efforts can be used to help ignite your marketing efforts as you move forward into the new 2018 year.

1.) Host In-Store Events

Feel free to get creative here! You can host an open house, a special holiday event, or even hold a seminar on a new product that you will be carrying in the future. By hosting events, you’re inviting more people to come in and experience what your retail store offers and creating excitement. With social media, you can easily announce and promote people to these types of in-store events.

2.) Renovate and Update

New year? New store layout! The excitement of a new year is a great time to dust off your old merchandising shelves and update your in-store merchandising layout. Customers who frequent your store often will enjoy the change of scenery, plus a new store layout will allow you to move product around your store. Check out our In-Store Layout Ideas Pinterest page for some inspiration.

3.) Offer Cross-Channel Promotions

Incentivize customers to come in your store by putting things like coupons on your website, then having them use it in-store. Another incentive is offering product pickup in-store if you sell products online. If you don’t have product in-store pickup, consider investing in it! There is tremendous value by having your consumer come in to pick up their product…they’re likely to buy more once they get inside!

4.) In-Store Technology

If you haven’t implemented retail technology, now’s the time! By offering services like real-time inventory updates and location of an item on a customer’s mobile device will help give you an edge over your competition and offer your consumers immediate results. They could ultimately end up choosing to shop at your retail store just because of your technological advances.

Strive for In-Store Marketing Success

By implementing one or all of these strategies can help ignite your in-store marketing efforts in 2018. What else are you doing to help excite your in-store marketing efforts in 2018? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas! If you’re looking to take your in-store marketing technology to the next level, contact Market Technologies Inc. today! We specialize in working one on one with retailers and optimizing their business processes. Contact our office at 1-231-237-4141.