5 Valentine’s Day Retail Marketing Ideas Presented in GIFs

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day just under a month away, people all over the world are beginning to look for that special gift to show their loved ones how much they care. In 2016, 54.8 percent of consumers celebrated Valentine’s day and spent an average of $146.84 on their loved one, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. The same survey also noted that 34.5% of Valentine’s Day traffic was in department stores, and we can expect similar if not higher numbers this year.

Retailers have a huge marketing opportunity to capitalize on Valentine’s Day traffic. We’ve compiled 5 Valentine’s Day retail marketing ideas that you can use to help prepare your store(s):

1.) Create a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket


Gift baskets can be exciting and fun! Gather a variety of products from around your store, compile them in a basket, then add a little Valentine’s Day color to help make it stand out. Wrap it all together in a cellophane basket and watch them fly off the table!

2.) Restock Your Shelves…Often


Restock often, and re-order products as you need to so that customers can purchase items when they arrive. Keep your retail shelves fully stocked so that the right product will jump right out to your customers.

3.) Offer Gift Wrapping


If a customer purchases an item from your store for their sweetheart, offer to gift wrap it for them for free! You never know, they might not like to wrap gifts and would greatly appreciate the gesture.

4.) Special Valentine’s Day Discount


Make your customers feel extra special and loved by offering a special discount during a specific time frame. People love to save money, especially when purchasing gifts for their loved ones.

5.) Make Sure Your Store is Relevant to Valentine’s Day


Be sure you decorate your retail location appropriately for Valentine’s Day! Customers might just get inspired by your décor and possibly feel the love to purchase more items.

Own Your Valentine’s Day Retail Marketing

These retail marketing tips can help inspire you to have a successful Valentine’s Day inside your retail store(s), but these aren’t the only things you can do! What are you and your stores doing that we didn’t mention above? Share your ideas below in our comment section! If you’re looking for additional ways to grow your retail marketing beyond Valentine’s Day, contact Market Technologies Inc! We help retailers big and small be more successful with their in-store marketing efforts with our various services. Reach us directly by phone at 231-237-4141.

One last thing…


Happy Valentine’s Day from Market Technologies Inc!