7 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Christmas is a season of togetherness marked with festive lights, holiday décor, and a great deal of shopping!

It’s projected that holiday sales this year will exceed $678.8 billion. As a small business or big-boxed retailer, it’s critical to stand out from your competition and market your store uniquely to capitalize on foot traffic.

We’ve put together 7 Christmas marketing ideas you can implement now to capitalize on holiday revenue this year:

1.  Create an attention-grabbing Christmas window display.

Does your store have a front window space? Consider creating a foot-stopping Christmas window display! A holiday decorated Christmas window can catch the eyes of potential customers and cause them to walk inside your store.

Creativity is what it’s all about! Choose a holiday theme or perhaps highlight your store’s aesthetic (minimalistic, vintage, contemporary). Here are some ideas from other businesses to get your creative juices flowing:

The Herb Shoppe Portland

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest

2.  Offer holiday coupons.

Coupon data provided by VoucherCloud shows that 57% of shoppers are motivated to complete a first-time purchase when they can redeem a coupon.

Saving money can be just as addictive as spending it. Using coupons (big or small) is tied with an emotional response giving joy to consumers and helping them create a positive shopping experience.

Take advantage of the holiday season and offer coupons like “Santa Dollars” during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

3.  Host a holiday sale.

Christmas sales continue to thrive and bring in additional business year after year. The average consumer is planning to spend roughly $967 on Christmas holiday gifts and items this year according to National Retail Federation. [1]

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for the perfect holiday sale:

  • Discounts can be powerful. If you have a few products that are on the “hot” list, offer a discount on certain days for those items.
  • Make sure your store is properly merchandised. The holidays are a great time to decorate your store with holiday happenings, but don’t forget about keeping your store properly merchandised.
  • Incorporate coupons on certain days. As we mentioned in Tip 2 above, holiday coupons paired with a sale can help in getting customers in your store.

4.  Give away a holiday item.

Everyone likes a free gift! Consider giving a customer a free holiday gift when they purchase at your store. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant — a simple Christmas treat (caramels, candy canes) or complementary gift-wrapping is always appreciated.

5.  Appeal to the “Selfie Shopper” with a holiday photo station.

We live in a world dominated by smartphones and social media, and if there’s ever a time to “share,” it the holidays! Want to link your business with a hashtag? Take advantage of the Selfie Shopper by creating a holiday photo station!

Wal-Mart did exactly this in 2016 with the idea to “engage people in a different way and create a little bit of extra excitement.”

Participating Target stores are also taking advantage of the photo booth fun this year. They’re encouraging you to take a selfie with your friends and share it using the hashtag #TargetFun.

Photo Credit: Contributed

This can be a fun way to engage your in-store traffic and highlight in your social media channels. Here are a few ideas from our “Christmas Selfie Photo Booth Ideas for Retailers” Pinterest board to get you going.

6.  Exceptional customer service.

It might sound a bit obvious, but exceptional customer service from your staff can often make or break a customer’s retail experience. With the stress of holiday shopping, consumers are looking for a friendly & informative individual to assist them in finding the items they need off their Christmas list.

The holidays are an excellent time to refresh your employees’ knowledge on protocols and on taking care of each customer that walks through the doors this holiday.

7.  Create a holiday product gift basket.

Gift baskets can be a fun way to sell more product and appeal to the “grab and go” customer who are quick shoppers and need a fast gift.

From confectionary items to household décor to toiletries, the holiday gift basket combinations are endless! Mix-and-match, offer a theme, or be creative and offer a few different options for all ages.


The holidays are the ultimate time to market your store in a festive way and capitalize on increased traffic. The ideas we mentioned above can be adapted to fit with multiple business brands.

Have another fun way to market your store doing the holidays that works for you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[1] – https://nrf.com/resources/consumer-research-and-data/holiday-spending/holiday-headquarters