How to Merchandise a Store to Grow Revenue

Customers who shop at brick-and-mortar stores are usually on a mission. A mission to conveniently locate, purchase, and leave a store with the product they came in to buy. If your store is improperly merchandised, it can make that process a headache for your customers.

What can you do to merchandise your store and earn more revenue? We’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you earn money quickly.

Create a stellar first impression.

Make sure the first thing your customers see is something that will be warm and welcoming to them. If your store is overwhelmed with clutter, there’s a chance that customers will turn around and walk out. Do things like use low shelves and limit the product quantity in areas around your front door to help create a warm and stellar first impression.

Keep similar products together.

An often-missed opportunity by retailers is packaging and keeping similar product categories together to help add to the overall customer experience. Take grocery stores for example. If a customer comes in to purchase a bag of tortilla chips, you would also want to showcase nacho cheese within the same area. Presenting a customer with a complimentary product will increase your chance to upsell and grow revenue.

Don’t forget to change your displays.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are a great time to decorate your store accordingly, but remember that each holiday season only lasts so long. If you have a Christmas display, make sure you remove it in a reasonable time after the holiday is over. Leaving a holiday display up longer than causes customers to question if you keep your store updated. If you have merchandise that is shipped as one display, be sure to keep it together. There is a reason they came together, so make sure they stay together.

Merchandise your products like you would read a book.

When you read a book, you typically read the pages left to right. Our eyes are intended to read that way, so align your products like that, too! Put products that might not sell right away on the left, and the product you’re looking to really sell to the right so it’s the last thing your customer sees before moving on.

Clean, clean, and clean some more.

People say cleanliness is next to godliness, and more so in the retail world. Keep all your merchandise and fixtures clean by checking them often. Don’t let dust and other clutter crowd your displays. Dirty and dusty products are likely not to sell. Keep your store clean!

Rinse, wash, and repeat.

One of the best ways to merchandise your store and grow revenue is to keep doing these tips that we mentioned above. Constantly change your displays, swap out products on all your fixtures (as applicable), and keep your store clean as possible.

What else?

We mentioned just a few ideas on how to merchandise a store and help grow revenue, but certainly not everything! What else are you doing to merchandise your store properly to grow more revenue? We would love to know! Post any additional tips below in the comments.

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