Working closely with our clients, we utilize our experienced development team to create in-store marketing services that enhance your business processes using software. By partnering with MTI, you save time and money while getting a customized technology solution that solves problems and fixes inefficiencies. By practicing people driven development, we customize our solutions around the people who need them most in the method that serves them best. Whether that is web or app based, we make solutions that fit your needs.


Our assurance services guarantee quality for both your products and processes. Whether we are physically testing your product or doing a finite element analysis, we utilize the latest technology to keep your products performing as they were intended. We analyze both fit and function to guarantee a long lasting product.


We are committed to improving the environment by developing sustainable technology solutions. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we are creating technology that connects consumers to their favorite brands. Incorporating sustainable principles such as zero landfill and design for disassembly, we are creating sustainable solutions for manufacturers and retailers.

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