What Is In-Store Marketing?

In-store marketing can be defined as the practice of promoting products to consumers at the point of purchase within a brick-and-mortar retail store. Retailers big and small all over the world utilize various in-store marketing techniques in their daily operations one way or another.

3 In-Store Marketing Examples

In-store marketing can also go beyond just the point of purchase sales. While there are multiple in-store marketing tips you can do in your store, here are three alternative and creative examples:

  • Product Demonstrations: In-store product demonstrations are a great way to visually show the customers how a product works and allow them to see and touch it with their own hands. Hewlett Packard (HP) is a great example of a company that implements this through the process of product demonstrations. If you’ve ever visited a tech retailer such as Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard employees are often in-store encouraging you to check out their products and showcasing how their latest tech item works.
  • Offering Product Samples: Who doesn’t love a free sample when going to the store? Stores like Costco have led the way by offering free samples of products so their consumers can try before they buy. Snack food brands often send individuals out to stores like Costco so they can offer their products.
  • Merchandising: Another great example is merchandising. Having your store properly merchandised with the correct products can help increase sales and make your store look organized and presentable to your customers.

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